update on KDE Platform 11dev sprint -> announing possible dates and location!

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Wed Jan 5 18:15:18 GMT 2011

hi everyone...

we may have found a location and time/days for the KDE dev platform (libs, 
kdebase-runtime, etc.) sprint! for those who didn't notice the first email 
about this a month or two back, there is a wiki page here:


and the stated purpose is:

"To examine the current state and near future of the KDE Platform (kdelibs and 
kdebase-runtime), particularly as it relates to the growing usage of it in new 
contexts such as mobile or on Windows and MacOS and its traditional usage as a 
set of conveniences and consistency creators for KDE application development.

The sprint will aim to create an actionable, multi-year roadmap for kdelibs 
and kdebase-runtime and will examine issues of modularity, topicality and the 
inherent dichotomy between the KDE Platform as an application development 
framework (similar to Qt) and as a stand-alone platform to target (similar to, 
e.g. Windows, MacOS, etc.) "

i had originally wanted to run it in the spring, but for a number of reasons 
this looks less and less likely. we have, however, thanks to Mario Fux been 
offered a location in the beautiful rural town of Randaa, Switzerland for the 
first week of June 2011.

if we go ahead with this time and place, this sprint will coincide with a 
Nepomuk and KDE Multimedia sprint, so it will be _quite_ the busy place, 
though i think that would be a good thing in this case as having more people 
about who we can bounce ideas off of between discussions and sessions would be 
great, as this sprint will indeed impact everyone in KDE, and it would be good 
to have really solid ideas to bring out of the sprint for the general 

we will have ~20 spots, though we may be flexible to accomodate a few more if 
needed. if you would like to attend, please add your name to the wiki page. if 
you have already done so, please let me know ASAFP if the first week of June 
does NOT work for you. if i do not hear from you, i will assume the timing is 

if the date and location are acceptable, i will submit a formal request to KDE 
e.V. for funding. so please: make sure your name is on the list if you wish to 
participate, and make sure you let me know if June is not workable for you!

also: i'll be working on designing a sprint schedule during January for 
publishing in February so attendees can provide feedback early on. leading up 
to the actual event, i'll continue to refine the planning based on that 
feedback. if you'd like to help out with designing sessions, please get a hold 
of me on irc or by email as i'd love help. it's often more fun to do this with 
a partner or two :)

Aaron J. Seigo
humru othro a kohnu se
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