system-settings color change vs Qt (non-kde) apps

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo at
Tue Jan 4 10:57:59 GMT 2011

Hello all,

Here, when I change the color scheme in kde's system-settings, the change is 
propagated properly to KDE apps, but not to Qt (non-kde) applications (like, 
for instance QGit, and other applications of mine). I believe this is due to 
differences between QApplication and KApplication (correct ?)

Experimenting locally, I found out that if in oxygen's style I connect to 
kglobalsettings changes, and explicitely call


there, then the above gets fixed. I believe however that this is not quite 
acceptable, since obviously reparseConfiguration would be called twice for kde 
apps (correct ?).

So. Does anyone have advice/insight on what we can do about it ? e.g.:

- leave the situation as it is now ? (meaning that whenever you change color 
scheme you have to restart every Qt app you have, to get the right color 
changes, which I believe is unfortunate.

- hack oxygen (in a way similar/better than the above, if possible)

- leave that upstream to Qt (?)

Thanks in advance, 


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