Git Scratch-Pads for every account (not only developers)

Andrea Diamantini adjam7 at
Sun Jan 2 22:40:53 GMT 2011

On Sunday 02 January 2011 01:25:19 Eike Hein wrote:

> > So this is essentially a "CLOSED/WONTFIX" from your side then - too bad.
> > Any other takers? Esp. considering how others (rekonq) already voiced
> > themself in support of my request.
> Assuming there's widespread support for the idea as such and
> concerns about it can be eliminated, it's more a LATER than
> a WONTFIX really. It's just that we don't think it'd be wise
> to take this on right now with so many other known and more
> pressing todos. There's also a let's-finish-what-we-started
> aspect to it. You're programmer and understand the cost of
> context switches - applies to people too.

Uhm... I was not really sustaining the "free scratchpad/playgroung" idea.
I was noting something that is considered obvious from rekonq developers: 
applied to git, "gitorious system" (let me call this way) is better than 
reviewboard one. And we are suffering for this.
We need a way, hopefully based on a web review system, to know the location of 
the remote git branch where the code is.
If someone wants to contribute, I don't mind if he has a git clone on / gitorious / github / gitsomething, I'd like to have an automatic 
and shared system to grab this remote branch.

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