Profiles for all KDE-applications

Jonathan Schmidt-Dominé devel at
Sun Feb 27 20:30:22 GMT 2011


> however, i don't think it's the right place for it
> depends here why we want multiple configuration files.
> to have things like a different set of bookmarks, a different set of file
> open some mail folders hidden? that's something for activities, yes, but
> not to be achieved by the means of different configuration files.
Huh, why not? Different visible dockers, different snippets in Kate, 
different  activated plugins, different active Akonadi-ressources (not sure, 
if that is supported in the config-files) etc.

For each profile it shoud be possible to configure which config-files to 
share and which config-files to recreate/clone, because you may want to 
share bookmarks but use different plugins etc. That would be nicer than --
config and KDEHOME. And all that stuff could be handled by KConfig etc., 
they would keep some preferences and they would use the normal config-file, 
create a new one, copy the old one or use a different one according to the 
preferences, maybe it could even ask the user, because it cannot know about 
all used config-files before startup (but that would probably involve binary 


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