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Marco Martin notmart at
Sun Feb 27 15:57:36 GMT 2011

On Saturday 26 February 2011, Jonathan Schmidt-Dominé wrote:
> todd rme wrote:
> > Couldn't this be handled with activities?
> Graphical integration into the activities-concept would be probably nice,
> but actiities do not provide an implementation for multiple configuration-
> files.

well, ann application could even load a different configuration file with 
different activities...
however, i don't think it's the right place for it
depends here why we want multiple configuration files.
to have things like a different set of bookmarks, a different set of file open 
some mail folders hidden? that's something for activities, yes, but not to be 
achieved by the means of different configuration files.

a place where i can see useful to have different config files altogether 
(especially loading different default configurations) is to adapt to different 
hardware profiles (right now the workspace kcm directly modifies the kwin 
config file when the netbook shell is activated, that's not really optimal)

Marco Martin

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