Profiles for all KDE-applications

Jonathan Schmidt-Dominé devel at
Sat Feb 26 09:58:23 GMT 2011


In Mozilla-applications so called “profiles”, sets of user-configuration,
are a quite common feature, Konqueror implements them, too. But wouldn't it
be possibe to provide this feature for all KDE-applications by changing
KApplication, KConfig and friends? It should be possible to pass some
parameters at startup to use a specific profile, KApplication would
recognize the paths and KConfig would adjust its directories and
independendent sets of configuration would be used. Those configurations
could be saved somewhere in .kde/extra-profiles or something like that. It
should work for most applications, only a small minority does not keep its
configuraion in the user's .desktop-files. Some simple GUI-dialogs and it
would be at least as good as Mozilla's support. I think it would be useful
for many applications, e.g. Kopete or Amarok. Any comments?



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