update on KDE Platform 11dev sprint -> announing possible dates and location!

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Tue Feb 22 23:45:17 GMT 2011

On Tuesday, February 22, 2011, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> The wiki now says from June 1st to June 7th. That's Wednesday to Tuesday,
> right ?

yes; it coincides with two other springs happening in the same area.

i'll be making a more formal announcement with firmer dates and location 
details, along with action items for prospective attendees (e.g. "get your 
travel costs on that page!") in the second week of March.

but people can start penciling in those dates on their calendar...

> (... including Himmelfahrt :-/ )

i hope that won't be an issue for many who would otherwise attend. regardless 
of the date chosen it will be bad for someone. e.g. David Faure had a 
scheduling conflict with the date for a while, but fortunately his other 
engagement has been rescheduled clearing that issue.

> In the wiki 27 persons entered until now. Sounds quite a lot. What do we do
> if this list gets too long ?

i get the unenviable task of winnowing the field down to an acceptable number. 
i've done in this task in the past, and what i've found most effective is:

a) asking for people to come forward with #s for their travel costs and trying 
to come up with scenarios that align with the budget

b) put together attendee lists that match the target group mix aimed for, and 
note where we have excess individuals and not enough for each part of that mix 
(example pulled out of my posterior: we need packagers there; but we don't 
need 6 of them. 2 is likely enough, 1 might even do if push comes to shove...)

usually by doing just the above, we already can start to see which people are 
more likely to give us the mix that meets both the people and the financial 
goals. some won't even come up with travel #s and "organically" fall off that 

if we're still in a bind by that point then i start talking with those on the 
list to determine which attendee list we would feel most confident in. 
thankfully KDE people are pretty pragmatic and this is an easy enough, if 
unfortunate when necessary, process.

in a perfect world, everyone would be there (and we'd have the meeting 
geniuses amongst us to manage such a thing ;), but we live in a real world, so 
we do what's needed. for those who can't attend, we strive to keep them more 
in the loop than we normally do and i try to gather their input pre-meeting to 
present at the event so they do end up having some level of participation.

honestly, i expect only 20 of those people on the list to actually end up 
attending. it is _excelent_ that we have more though because:

* it means we will, indeed, have enough people

* it shows that kdelibs isn't such a dead and boring topic after all!

it just means that i have an unenviable task ahead of me. what's new? :) in 
any case, i won't be able to pick this up until  march 7 due to my move-in-
progress which finally comes to an end on the 1st of march, at which point i 
build a fort out of blankets and pillows in the living room and huddle for 
some much needed moments of peace. or .. something like that. ;)

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