Review Request: Implement a dialog to show unhandled Bugzilla errors

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Sat Feb 19 12:33:06 GMT 2011

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(Updated Feb. 19, 2011, 12:33 p.m.)

Review request for KDE Runtime and George Kiagiadakis.


New version of the patch.
- Fixed errors mentioned by George
- Added updated copyright (2011)
- Removed some code that doesn't belong to this patch (but it should be commited later)

George: can you locally test this patch and check if it compiles properly ? I don't have a trunk environment to test so I had to use a modified CMakeLists.txt on drkonqi/ to test this.



Initial patch

I created a dialog that will show the RAW Bugzilla HTML output when the response can't be parsed by DrKonqi. The user is encouraged to perform the action again later or save the HTML data to submit a DrKonqi bug.

This function is available for the login and the submit (new report or attach to an existant one) processes.
BugzillaLib error message signals were enhanced to hold the raw html (if it makes sense to show it)

The text on the dialog could be changed.

Additional fix: disconnect signals prior to creating a new report or attaching to an existing one; avoiding duplicates dialog. (may be this should go as another patch)

This addresses bug 266542.

Diffs (updated)

  drkonqi/CMakeLists.txt 87c3d24 
  drkonqi/bugzillalib.h cb7da10 
  drkonqi/bugzillalib.cpp 348fb72 
  drkonqi/reportassistantdialog.cpp 607dd63 
  drkonqi/reportassistantpages_bugzilla.h 8681f22 
  drkonqi/reportassistantpages_bugzilla.cpp e896c52 
  drkonqi/reportinterface.h a1fc78a 
  drkonqi/reportinterface.cpp a484d11 



Tested by faking some errors during the login and submit (new report) processes.
The code should be reviewed as I stop coding for KDE several months ago.


Unhandled Error Dialog


Darío Andrés

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