Merge or Cherry-Pick?

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Fri Feb 4 19:09:40 GMT 2011

On Friday, February 4, 2011, Dawit A wrote:
> Can somone please clarify the proper rule to follow for committing bug
> fixes as it relates to the KDE 4.6 branch ? The conclusion from the
> discussion here is rather confusing as to what should be done going
> forward. Should we still commit new bug fixes to the 4.6 branch first
> and merge into master which, from all indications here, seems not to
> be possibe with the current state of the KDE 4.6 branch ? Or it does
> not matter now so we can go ahead and commit to master and backport to
> the branch if we so choose ?

my suggestion is this:

while 4.6 is not mergeable, do bug fixes in the branch and cherry pick 

this will get us used to the merge workflow which starts with "fix it in the 
stable branch" first.

then when either 4.6 becomes mergeable (it already is in some repos such as 
kdeplasma-addons and konsole) or we branch off 4.6 we'll have fewer bad habits 
to unlearn :)

for repos where 4.6 is already mergeable (which should be most anything that 
isn't kdelibs, kde-workspace, kde-runtime or kde-baseapps), please do fixes in 
the stable branch then merge forward into master.

we'll clarify all this at the irc meeting next weekend (and may even come up 
with a different path), but until then, let's just go with this :)

(some variations on the above we'll have to codify are things such as "big 
effort bug fixes" which probably will have us branching off of stable, and 
merging into stable after the bug fixing is down, then merging stable into 
master; or where a fix happens in master because it isn't identified as such 
(can happen during devel), and is only later marked for inclusion into stable, 
meaning we have to have a workflow for that (cherry pick in that case?) .. 
anyways.. this is for next weekend's discussions. and for people more 
knowledgable of git than i :)

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