Review Request: Workaround for the hang (freeze) when opening VLC's file dialog under KDE...

Tom Albers toma at
Fri Feb 4 16:05:07 GMT 2011

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> It
> is when I have to unnecessarily type more than I have to. Seriously
> this is getting to be annoying and I do not mean you personally. These
> rigid and brittle coding styles. One project says no braces for single
> line statements and another says the complete opposite. I have no
> problem with some common sense coding style rules, but please spare me
> from such nonsense micro management of each and every line of code,
> specially since the people working on kdelibs should in the least be
> well versed about the pitfalls of using or not using braces, even for
> single line statements.

For new code, we very much like to follow:

Which can be different in other area's within KDE, which I hope one day will not be the case.

And before you ask, yes, I very much would like a 'astyle' run on all the code in kdelibs to settle this once and for all.

Tom Albers

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