moving scratch repositories?

Martin Gräßlin kde at
Thu Feb 3 19:40:33 GMT 2011

On Thursday 03 February 2011 19:28:44 Marco Martin wrote:
> Hi all,
> thi probably isn't going to be a good workflow for the future, but now that
> kdelibs and base  are just being converted i think would be a pretty common
> problem.
> basically, what i have is some repositories (one born as git, two converted
> from playground stuff in svn) that are meant to be subfolders of
> kde-runtime and kdelibs (but kinda buildable indipendently, that's why
> there is this situation)
> In the future probably stuff that is intended as part of a bigger repo
> should just start as a branch, but a) this wasn't possible pre-git abd b)
> there will be still probably cases when stuff has to migrate between repos
> so, what should happen is, everyting in the scratch repo, should become
> basically a branch of the master branch (in my first two cases runtime)
> with all the commits (just linear story) of the repo as commits in the
> branch, in that subfolder.
> i tried with  git-read-tree of a remote, but seems to forget history.
> Is this possible? how is supposed to be done in those cases?
I had the same problem with kwin-gles and used git format-patch in my previous 
repo and git am in the new repo.

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