Merge or Cherry-Pick?

Nicolas Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at
Thu Feb 3 16:35:42 GMT 2011

Johannes Sixt wrote:
> Am 2/3/2011 12:15, schrieb Hugo Pereira Da Costa:
>> So I git cloned KDE/4.6 into some local branch (git checkout KDE/4.6; git
>> checkout -b toolbuttons), then fix, then test.
>> Now I want to merge to the KDE/4.6 branch; thats easy.
>> Then I want to merge to master (or to some local branch cloned from
>> master and then from there to master). As already announced in this
>> thread, this results in tons of conflicts (notably many .desktop files).
> Before anybody begins to work in this way, someone with sufficient
> knowlege must introduce the first real merge of the 4.6 branch into the
> master branch. The conflicts must be resolved; or it is possible to punt
> by using -s ours.

I did this in kdeplasma-addons yesterday. I actually found a bug fix in 4.6 
that hadn't been merged into master, and a merge -s ours would have lost it; 
so I had to cherry-pick that one first.

To do it in the other repos, we would have to carefully check if there is 
any commit missing forward-port; and that's very time-consuming since 
there's lots of 4.6 changes in eg. kdelibs.


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