Merge or Cherry-Pick?

Ian Monroe ian at
Wed Feb 2 22:59:19 GMT 2011

> On Wednesday 19 January 2011, Ian Monroe wrote:
>> > Can somebody please add a simple step-by-step howto, what I have to do
>> > with, and, how the git
>> > push/merge/branching policy is for KDE, etc. If there are existing blog
>> > articles about this, please add links to them in a good visible place.
>> There is no push/merge/branching policy for KDE. Different projects
>> will likely do their own thing. For the time being its just the
>> SVN-style development translated to Git.
> This looks to me like "do what you want, there is no policy".

FWIW I thought the question was regarding branch policies (eg the
release schedule with code freezes), not the technicalities of how to
do merges between branches.

I suppose the answer would be the same, but I was confused why you
thought the release schedule system needed to be shaken up post-haste.


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