Review Request: Consistent wording between "edit email" and "edit IM" dialogues

Jonathan Marten jjm at
Wed Feb 2 20:10:22 GMT 2011

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Review request for KDEPIM-Libraries.


In the KAddressBook application, there is an inconsistency between the editing dialogues for the email addresses and IM contact addresses.  In the dialogue for email the window title says "... Addresses" and the "set as standard" button says "Set Standard".  In the corresponding dialogue for IM the title says "... Address" (even though there can be more than one) and the same button says "Set as Standard".

This change makes the pluralisation of the window title, and the label of this button, consistent between these two dialogues.


  akonadi/contact/editor/emaileditwidget.cpp a931ec1 
  akonadi/contact/editor/im/imeditordialog.cpp 3a2c83f 



Built kdepimlibs and ran kaddressbook with these changes, verified the display.



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