Merge or Cherry-Pick?

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Wed Feb 2 19:10:37 GMT 2011

On Wednesday, February 2, 2011, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 February 2011, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
> > in fact, that's exactly the type that does *not* belong there. there is
> > enough generic git documentation out there, and bloating techbase by
> > duplicating it all won't make it simpler to use. the right way is
> > stating the desired goals, mentioning a few key phrases ("interactive
> > rebase" in this case) and linking to some external source.
> I very much disagree with this.
> We need the basic recipes there.

imho, you're both right :)

simple recipes for the common tasks that are done in a "KDE way" will be of 
critical value; we can not expect everyone to learn on their own and then 
expect them to all be proficient or to do things consistently without some 
basic guidance. so yes, we're going to need to document a few basic things and 
that will probably involve some very simple illustrative examples.

but we also can not get involved in writing a New and Improved Book On Git, 
either. we ought to rely on external sources for that, as Ossi points out.

it's the difference between documenting the "KDE best practices" and teaching 
people how to use git, right?

and it's one of the things that i found CMake's git documentation pages does 
very well. they don't make too much sense if you don't have a basic 
understanding of git, and you'll still run into all kinds of issues in 
practice that aren't covered on those pages, but they give you enough 
information to get pointed in the right direction and using the right kinds of 
commands for the different parts of their development workflow.

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