irc meeting for kdelibs git workflow

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Wed Feb 2 18:01:10 GMT 2011

On Tuesday 01 February 2011, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> hi everyone ...
> with git having finally arrived more-or-less, we find ourselves without a
> well defined work flow for kdelibs (and by extension other KDE
> repositories)
> i don't think we can or should hope and pray that our sysadmins will
> perform another magic trick and solve this for us, nor can we all just sit
> here looking at each other.
> so i'd like to suggest that we gather on irc in the near future and hammer
> this stuff out. weekends tend to be better for many it seems, so i've put
> up a doodle here:
> where you can register your intention to attend and when you can. it covers
> this weekend and next. i can't attend this weekend, but that shouldn't stop
> others if this weekend is best for the majority.
> a draft agenda might look like:
> * 3rd party examples we can learn from:

Short version of the cmake git workflow:
* pull/update master
* for any change, create a topic branch from master
* work in the branch...
* when done, merge the branch into next and push

Once every week Brad and Dave from Kitware sit down and merge from next into 
master, to create a fresh master with the new stuff.

I'm quite happy with that.
I guess it doesn't work for KDE, or how could the merging from next into 
master be done ?


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