Initial support for kde_projects.xml in kdesrc-build

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed Feb 2 00:14:34 GMT 2011

On 01.02.11 23:14:26, Michael Jansen wrote:
> > > > Do you need that for running ?
> > > > For building it's not necessary. Use CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH.
> > > 
> > > I always thought that PATH controls which qt version is selected if you
> > > have more than one (First qmake found). It was that way some time ago.
> > > And QTDIR IS USED in FindQt4.cmake. I don't reevaluate my finding every
> > > day so perhaps something changed.
> > 
> > Ok.
> > So when an executable is searched, it is searched in a set of default
> > directories (as e.g. /usr/bin/) and in PATH. So setting PATH so that it
> > points to the qmake you want works.
> > CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH is more generic (and didn't exist in cmake 2.4.something).
> > So you can set this too to make cmake find the Qt you want (not pointing to
> > QTDIR/bin, but just to QTDIR).
> > QTDIR is a variable specific to FindQt4.cmake, so it works too.
> > 
> > So all three work, the most generic/powerful one is CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH.
> Then the 100 points question is:
> If all of them point to a directory with a qt installed (three different 
> versions). Which one wins?
> b) PATH
> c) QTDIR
> I remember more than one newbie losing his grip over not beeing able to 
> convince cmake to pickup the right one.
> Can you answer it without looking at the cmake file? I can't.

No of course not because you don't know how QTDIR is being used. But
thats rather a problem of the FindQt4.cmake module not documented where
it uses the QTDIR variable.

Once you know it puts that into the PATHS option the rest is a mere look
at the cmake manual which lists the order in which it searches for
stuff. In particular in your case it'll find the qmake in

> > > Yes it is. Even acknowledged by a cmake dev. Which doesn't make it
> > > magically work though.
> > 
> > That is the lib64 issue you have, right ?
> > I remember this one was tricky.
> Yes. But there are some executables build and the run during a build that need 
> to pickup the right libs too. I am not sure all of them are doing it right or 
> if there is a right way to do it. The one gnome helper i can point you too is 
> not using cmake.

Well, in kde modules the executables being built will have rpath set
too, so that should work - in theory. But as I don't know what exactly
Alex and you are talking about here and what your setup is I'll shut up


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