proposal: remove KTextEditor interface from kdelibs repository

Pino Toscano pino at
Tue Feb 1 00:18:58 GMT 2011

Alle martedì 1 febbraio 2011, Aaron J. Seigo ha scritto:
> > The concern that I have, on the other hand, is whether this can be
> > done in a source and binary compatible fashion. I just took a look
> > at
> yes, it can. and i don't believe anything in kdelibs itself uses it.

khtml does (but we know very few people care about it).

Apart from that, this move is a bit of "suprise" for whoever compiles 
kdelibs from sources, and gets no KTextEditor by default anymore (after 
years and years). The same goes for the katepart, which means you now 
have to install something additional, instead of relying on what kdelibs 
provided for years? Looks like a bit of source compatibility breaking, 
at least IMHO.

> * it would be an interesting and useful experiment with modularization
> of kdelibs 

I don't think taking out random pieces of kdelibs piece-by-piece is 
something useful to do over time: either you split the whole at once, or 
you don't.

Pino Toscano
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