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> On Mon, Dec 26, 2011 at 10:26 AM, Martin Klapetek
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> Hi Martin,
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> > We're very short of releasing third version (0.3), which is also first
> beta.
> > We plan to introduce Nepomuk as main contact storage in the next release
> > (June or July) and in the meantime we'll maintain 0.3 branch.
> Please ensure you store the main copy of the data somewhere outside
> Nepomuk. In a large number of user support scenarios, especially those
> involving an inconsistent Akonadi, it is necessary to destroy the
> Nepomuk database to ensure ghost entries do not cause problems.

Right now we actually don't store any data. Everytime you open contact
list, it fetches "fresh" data right from Telepathy. There will be a Nepomuk
service, which will feed Telepathy data right into Nepomuk, so when you
clear your Nepomuk database, the feeder will take care of filling it up
again. There are some discussions about what to do with chat history, but
this will most probably be the same case - Telepathy already stores it, so
the feeder can just feed it to Nepomuk and recreate it on clean database.
This hasn't been really decided yet though.

> If KDE Telepathy uses Nepomuk as it's primary store of contacts
> information, it will make user support for other areas of KDE which
> are still maturing much harder.

We plan to use it as a primary store, yes, but I also plan to have some
discussion with KDE PIM on this subject as the unified contacts storage and
handling is not exactly clear right now.

> There are also a number of users who have Nepomuk disabled, or a
> system where Nepomuk is broken (due to old configurations, corrupt
> databases, and the like).

We hope and believe that using Nepomuk as a hard dependency will help move
Nepomuk forward and hopefully make it more lean&clean for production use.
In the meantime, users will still be able to use the 0.3 branch, which will
be Nepomuk-free and maintained for some time (especially if Kubuntu will
decide to ship it in their upcoming LTS release). The interface will stay
exactly the same, only the backend models will change.

Martin Klapetek | KDE Developer

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> > Thanks for all the support and happy holidays!
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> > Martin Klapetek | KDE Developer
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> Ben Cooksley
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