git and artworks issues

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Tue Dec 20 19:18:17 GMT 2011

On Tuesday 20 December 2011, Davide Bettio wrote:

> As every year some artworks are changed according to the new default
> desktop background. This year I noticed some problems:
> 1) kdm and ksplash default theme is part of kde-workspace. I need to update
> both, but if I do that I will have to commit about 20/30 MiB of PNGs
> making git clones bigger.

Thats life, you need to push it there. We can decide to move it to other 
places after 4.8.0, but now it is a bit too late. 

> 2) I need to update kdeui/about backgrounds, but If I do that I will change
> backgrounds also for the KDE 4.7 branch.

There are two possibilities: 

a)  create a kdelibs KDE/4.8 branch for this purpose. (plus the patch to make 
kdelibs 4.7 actually look like KDE 4.8, which I currently apply to the 
tarballs only (in kde-common/release/make-kdelibs-4.8.diff)

b) add a tarball of artwork that I need to unpack in kdelibs prior to creating 
the actual release tarball to kde-common/release/* as well)

For me, it would make most sense to create a KDE 4.8 branch in kdelibs, but I 
would like to have more input before I create the branch. 

Any opinions on this matter?


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