Review Request: Reset time format upon user request

David Faure faure at
Sun Dec 18 22:03:48 GMT 2011

On Sunday 18 December 2011 12:51:25 Lamarque Vieira Souza wrote:
> Another problem with this approach is that we cannot prevent anybody else
> from listening to
> KGlobalSettings::self()->emitChange(KGlobalSettings::SettingsChanged,
> KGlobalSettings::SETTING_LOCALE).

What would be wrong with that? It would be the way to have a GUI that reacts 
to changes in the locale settings. Every app and in particular date/time 
widgets might want to listen to that and adapt.
Or did I misunderstand what this was about?

> I am trying to minimize the number of patches needed to fix bug #289094.

If everyone only went for the "minimal lines of code" fix all the time, we 
would have one hell of a mess by now...

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