Moving libmm-qt and libnm-qt to kdereview

Thomas Zander zander at
Sun Dec 4 21:18:07 GMT 2011

On Sunday 04 December 2011 15.15.23 Lamarque V. Souza wrote:
> Em Sunday 04 December 2011, Aaron J. Seigo escreveu:
> > On Saturday, December 3, 2011 17:48:17 Lamarque V. Souza wrote:
> > >
> > >
> > 
> > i know its relatively late to bring this up, but better before a first
> > initial release to do so: is there any chance that these libraries could
> > get more descriptive names?
> > 
> > there is already a "libmm" which is actually a shared memory helper,
> > unrelated to libmm-qt (though the name suggests otherwise). "mm" and "nm"
> > really don't say much about what these libraries do. the names are
> > ambiguous and stand a high chance of collision with other libraries.
> > 
> > i know that the networkmanager project decided to call their library
> > libnm, but we don't need to repeat such errors ourselves, right? :)
> 	Well, the final goal is to move those two libraries to ModemManager and
> NetworkManager's repositories in the future. If I rename them now I will
> probably have to rename them back in the future. I think will have to ask
> this to NetworkManager guys now.
> 	What names do you suggest? libmodemmanager-qt and libnetworkmanager-qt?
> I do not see any other more descriptive name. Another suggestion is
> libQtModemManager and libQtNetworkManager, which follows Qt's library name
> convention. I think will stick to the latter. Just let me check with the
> NetworkManager guys if there is any problem using Qt's library name
> convention instead of NM"s.

Hey Lamarque,

first sorry for the noisy '+1' email, seems I was impatient and your email was 
stuck in the moderation queue :)

I just wanted to mention that in general longer library names are a real big 
help for avoiding problems, like Aaron suggested.  If the network manager 
people tell you you should make it essentially an abbreviation it would be bad 
for a couple of reasons. Mostly the reasons suggested above :)

It would be good to start with the names as you suggest, and I personally have 
no preference between the lowercase and the mixed-case ones.
Lets start with a descriptive and clear name, to raise the bar.

Thomas Zander

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