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Sun Dec 4 14:15:23 GMT 2011

Em Sunday 04 December 2011, Aaron J. Seigo escreveu:
> On Saturday, December 3, 2011 17:48:17 Lamarque V. Souza wrote:
> >
> >
> i know its relatively late to bring this up, but better before a first
> initial release to do so: is there any chance that these libraries could
> get more descriptive names?
> there is already a "libmm" which is actually a shared memory helper,
> unrelated to libmm-qt (though the name suggests otherwise). "mm" and "nm"
> really don't say much about what these libraries do. the names are
> ambiguous and stand a high chance of collision with other libraries.
> i know that the networkmanager project decided to call their library libnm,
> but we don't need to repeat such errors ourselves, right? :)

	Well, the final goal is to move those two libraries to ModemManager and 
NetworkManager's repositories in the future. If I rename them now I will 
probably have to rename them back in the future. I think will have to ask this 
to NetworkManager guys now.

	What names do you suggest? libmodemmanager-qt and libnetworkmanager-qt? 
I do not see any other more descriptive name. Another suggestion is 
libQtModemManager and libQtNetworkManager, which follows Qt's library name 
convention. I think will stick to the latter. Just let me check with the 
NetworkManager guys if there is any problem using Qt's library name convention 
instead of NM"s.

Lamarque V. Souza
KDE's Network Management maintainer
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