Review Request: udev PortableMediaPlayer: read protocols from media-player-info

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Sat Dec 3 23:59:57 GMT 2011

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(Updated Dec. 3, 2011, 11:59 p.m.)

Review request for kdelibs.


Added media-player-info check to CMakeLists; cleaned up xgdbasers; packager info in commit msg and CCMAIL to kde-packager at (hope it can be sent there from commit hook)

This patch is still based on KDE/4.7 branch (I test it in KDE 4.7), should I port it to frameworks branch? (solid seems moved around in this branch).

Summary (updated)

udev PortableMediaPlayer: read protocols from media-player-info

Description (updated)

udev PortableMediaPlayer: read protocols from media-player-info

This is a second attempt at implementing PortableMediaPlayer for udev
back-end using media-player-info [3], the first attempt was [2] by
Alex Merry and this patch is heavily based on it. This patch relates to
a discussion at [1] and is just a first step, the second would
be to forward PMP interface from udev backed to udisks backed somehow
(udisks...Device interface provides NativePath attribute that links to
sysfs path that can help - on Linux)


Care is taken not to change existing behaviour - e.g. when udev env
ID_MEDIA_PLAYER equals 1, behaviour is unchanged.

PACKAGERS, solid udev backend now has following optional runtime-only
dependency that provides udev rules and other info for identification
of the portable media players:
 * media-player-info: for identifying USB storage devices and iPods

Following packages also provide relevant udev rules, but we suggest not
depending on them as they should by pulled by packages that actually
use them (such as Amarok, transitively):
 * usbmuxd: for identifying iOS-based iPods
 * libmtp >= 1.0.4: for identifying MTP players

CCBUG: 253671  # does not solve it yet, but is a first step
CCBUG: 269447
CCBUG: 269451
REVIEW: 103028
DIGEST: groundwork for better media device player detection
CCMAIL: amarok-devel at
CCMAIL: kde-packager at

Diffs (updated)

  solid/solid/CMakeLists.txt 1a4adfad3b0aef700176e236f7587d3f26c76362 
  solid/solid/backends/udev/udevdevice.cpp d6c7fb43427e7db4cb7cfa7d67a02c5368a7811e 
  solid/solid/backends/udev/udevmanager.cpp 55e655b9f49875923d82b7f2bf10b0e23c3bdfe1 
  solid/solid/backends/udev/udevportablemediaplayer.h e0348aafea7ec41e0df578dc661fbbb521531adf 
  solid/solid/backends/udev/udevportablemediaplayer.cpp 32a189315bbc3bd323ef39f9e2743cbfe1063e68 
  solid/solid/ifaces/portablemediaplayer.h b03a995223f03fa15c724427f05afdff6c3e7379 
  solid/solid/xdgbasedirs.cpp PRE-CREATION 
  solid/solid/xdgbasedirs_p.h PRE-CREATION 



1. connect iPod
2. works:
$ solid-hardware details /org/kde/solid/udev/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.0/usb2/2-1/2-1.2/2-1.2:1.0/host6/target6:0:0/6:0:0:0/block/sdc
udi = '/org/kde/solid/udev/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.0/usb2/2-1/2-1.2/2-1.2:1.0/host6/target6:0:0/6:0:0:0/block/sdc'
  parent = '/org/kde/solid/udev'  (string)
  vendor = 'Apple'  (string)
  product = 'iPod'  (string)
  description = 'Portable Media Player'  (string)
  Block.major = 8  (0x8)  (int)
  Block.minor = 32  (0x20)  (int)
  Block.device = '/dev/sdc'  (string)
  PortableMediaPlayer.supportedProtocols = {'storage', 'ipod'}  (string list)
  PortableMediaPlayer.supportedDrivers = {'usb'}  (string list)

3. not yet:
$ solid-hardware details /org/freedesktop/UDisks/devices/sdc1
udi = '/org/freedesktop/UDisks/devices/sdc1'
  parent = '/org/freedesktop/UDisks/devices/sdc'  (string)
  vendor = 'Apple'  (string)
  product = 'MATOUSUV IP'  (string)
  description = 'MATOUSUV IP'  (string)
  Block.major = 8  (0x8)  (int)
  Block.minor = 33  (0x21)  (int)
  Block.device = '/dev/sdc1'  (string)
  StorageAccess.accessible = true  (bool)
  StorageAccess.filePath = '/media/MATOUSUV IP'  (string)
  StorageAccess.ignored = false  (bool)
  StorageVolume.ignored = false  (bool)
  StorageVolume.usage = 'FileSystem'  (0x2)  (enum)
  StorageVolume.fsType = 'vfat'  (string)
  StorageVolume.label = 'MATOUSUV IP'  (string)
  StorageVolume.uuid = '3141-5926'  (string)
  StorageVolume.size = 7888957440  (0x1d637f000)  (qulonglong)


Matěj Laitl

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