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On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 6:15 PM, Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at> wrote:
> On Monday, August 22, 2011 11:33:49 Jeremy Whiting wrote:
>> Was this decided upon at some point?  I got conflicting stories fromsysadmin
>> and other developers.  Yesterday after migrating kdeaccessibilityto git I
>> was asked by a sysadmin to rename the X.Y branches to KDE/X.Y  Ithink
> personally, i prefer the KDE/X.Y style as well; and as we haven't had more
> accidently pushes of X.Y branches as people have become accustomed to the git
> tools more, the original reason for suggesting to move away from KDE/X.Y to
> just X.Y seems to have gone away?

I also prefer the KDE/x.y scheme - it is also used by more
repositories, so it will not be as disruptive to change to.

The accidental pushes are now blocked by if the branch
does not already exist. Branches of the form x.y or KDE/x.y (where x
and y are integers between 0-9) can only be created by repository

>> concensus and consistency are important here.  Was there a decision that the
>> official branches should be named X.Y?
> not an official, consensus based on that i know of; there were some ad-hoc
> decisions made, but that's about it.. and now we have some inconsistencies in
> our modules. personally i like the KDE/X.Y branch names as they are
> unambiguous and would like to use that style.
>> Is that documentedsomewhere (I spent
>> some time looking, but didn't find it).  If not we should
>> reach concensus and also fix the repositories that are not following this
>> standard sooner than later imo.  This will help greatly in the long run
> +1 to that.
> my suggestion:
> * give a 1 week period on this list for discussion and objections
> * at the end of that period, if there is consensus, inform sysadmin and
> request their opinion and consensus on the matter

(at least from my point of view as a Sysadmin, it doesn't matter which
scheme is chosen, so long as release-team is happy and it is
consistent across all KDE [SC] git modules).

> * record this on techbase as part of our commit policies
> * start fixing the modules that don't follow the consensus conclusion


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