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On Sunday, August 21, 2011 17:59:33 Stefan Majewsky wrote:
> unit? There's an proof-of-conceptdataengine in the repo [1], but the subject
> is in need of someone whoknows his way around Plasma dataengines and 

once the unitAdded/unitRemoved signals are added to QsdManager, then those can 
easily be hooked up in the engine.

is there a way to get notified from systemd when a unit changes activation or 
load state? because those would also be useful in the engine, obviously.

with those in place, there really isn't much more needed in the engine: there 
are no dynamic sources (they are all push-published by systemd; so no 
sourceRequestEvent implementation is needed) and polling makes no sense (so 
updateSourceEvent is unecessary to implement)

the only thing that might be interesting is to provide a serviceForSource 
implementation that allows interacting with a unit, if a user is able to do 
anything useful (such as activate/deactive a unit?). i'm not sure that's 
possible though; if not then a Service is also unecessary.

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