Git migration status (Was: Re: Where is kmix hidden?)

George Goldberg grundleborg at
Sun Aug 21 13:06:38 BST 2011

On 19 August 2011 22:18, Jeremy Whiting <jpwhiting at> wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 1:27 PM, John Layt <jlayt at> wrote:
>> On Friday 19 Aug 2011 19:54:21 Harald Sitter wrote:
>> > On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 6:54 PM, Lukas Appelhans <l.appelhans at>
>> > wrote:
>> > > I guess there were no efforts yet from the kdemultimedia team to make
>> > > the
>> > > move.
>> >
>> > I did not realize we had to take care of the move.... seems a bit
>> > inconvenient.
>> Yep, you need to mak e it happen as it involves decision no-one else can
>> make
>> for you.  There's basically three steps needed.  First, you have to decide
>> on
>> separate Git repos per app or stick with the monolithic module.  Second,
>> if
>> going for separete repos make sure everything actually builds properly
>> that
>> way.  Third you need to write the conversion rules for you history, but
>> there's a few people around who may be willing to help out with that once
>> you
>> know what you want.  Have a chat on the #kde-git channel for more details.
>> On the subject of un-converted svn modules, the following are still left:
>>  kdeaccessibility
>>  kdeadmin
>>  kdegames
>>  kdemultimedia
>>  kdenetwork

I have partially written the rules for kdenetwork, but they are not
complete. I don't have time to work on them at the moment, so someone
else taking that over would be good if it's going to happen any time
soon. The work I've done so far is in the git repository with all the
other conversion rules.


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