How to see the resolution of merge of KDE/4.7 into KF5

Nicolas Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at
Sun Aug 21 04:07:23 BST 2011

Stephen Kelly wrote:
> I couldn't make git show me the conflicts. I tried git show, which
> surprises me as it shows a 3 way diff of a single file which was
> apparently not in conflict (full output at
> I also tried several variations of git
> diff frameworks^...origin/KDE/4.7.
> How can I see the conflicts resolved in a merge? Do I just see no conlicts
> because I chose the frameworks branch in every hunk (which actually I
> don't think I did)?

The 3-way diff doesn't show conflicted files. It shows files that, in the 
merge commit, aren't identical to the version in either merge parent, which 
means the file was modified in both branches being merged.

If you chose always the same branch (whether frameworks or 4.7) for all 
hunks within a file, that file is identical to the one in that branch, so it 
won't appear in 'git show'. On the other hand, if a file was changed in both 
branches but git could merge it automatically without a conflict, it *will* 
appear in 'git show'.

There is nothing in git that "remembers" whether you got a conflict or not 
(ie. whether git's merging algorithms failed to do the merge automatically 
and asked you to resolve it by hand).


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