How to view resolved conflicts in a merge?

David Faure faure at
Thu Aug 18 18:28:54 BST 2011

On Tuesday 16 August 2011 22:09:21 Stephen Kelly wrote:
> The merge showed that some commits in 4.7 have not made it into
> frameworks. We really should merge in that direction, not cherry-pick
> as everyone is currently doing.

Another solution is to do what I did for the master->4.7 "merge".
Instead of git merge, you can use git rebase --onto, in order to rebase all 
the commits from the "source branch" into the "destination branch".
Then you can view and resolve conflicts nicely (as with any rebase), and any 
commit that is already at destination will simply disappear.
The main issue, though, is that multiple commits which touch the same file 
will conflict with the existing changes, when these commits are already at 

Anyway, I'm trying to keep an eye on the 4.7 commits and forwardport them if 
the author doesn't do so after some time.
(Right now I see one that is not ported, 2748bb48 by ahartmetz a few hours 

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