idea for better usability with hdmi plug-and-play

todd rme toddrme2178 at
Thu Aug 18 09:43:59 BST 2011

On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 7:01 PM, Simon Oosthoek <s.oosthoek at> wrote:
> Hi kde core developers,
> I have an idea for better usability, which I tried to propose as a
> feature request, but it ended up in "the wrong part of town". As you can
> see in the (currently invalid) bug:
> (It's also a different way of describing my issue, so perhaps worth
> reading if you want to know more)
> It was pointed out to me in the comments that this is a cross-everything
> feature that requires support and specifications at kde-core level or
> level. So here I am trying to make my case...
> When I plug in a TV using hdmi, I get the following process:
> 1) a pop-up asking me if I wish to configure the new hardware situation
> (great, I like to know that my computer sees what I just did)
> 2) the configuration interface is only for the display, but hdmi can
> also carry sound.
> 3) after some fiddling, I configure the hdmi video output, which I think
> I can only save as default. (I plug in the TV only when I want to watch
> something longish)
> 4) Next I want to have sound via hdmi, so I need  to open the kmix
> window, go to audio setup, select speaker setup
> and then select hardware profile.
> To me this seems like a long walk for
> something that is so useful, how is a user supposed to find this?
> What I'd like is a the number 1 popup to ask for, or propose a profile
> or preset configuration which sets both video and sound output to hdmi.
> When I remove the hdmi cable, I want the profile to switch back to what
> it was before I plugged in the hdmi cable. (Currently there seems to be
> a bug as well: some parts of the desktop seem to mistakenly remember the
> old combined dimensions, e.g. the popup when I want to logout or reboot
> using the plasma widget)
> I'd like to know your thoughts about this idea, I have no experience in
> kde development whatsoever (and no intentions/time to be involved in
> implementing this), but I'd love to see this (and this kind of
> behaviour) become more user friendly in KDE (or in general).
> Cheers and thanks for reading!
> /Simon
> quick way to reach and set the hardware profiles easily and switch when
> playing a video and back when done (manually, or somehow automatically???)

Perhaps this could be integrated with the multi-monitor pop-up thing
that was being discussed recently.


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