idea for better usability with hdmi plug-and-play

Simon Oosthoek s.oosthoek at
Wed Aug 17 18:01:20 BST 2011

Hi kde core developers,

I have an idea for better usability, which I tried to propose as a
feature request, but it ended up in "the wrong part of town". As you can
see in the (currently invalid) bug:
(It's also a different way of describing my issue, so perhaps worth
reading if you want to know more)

It was pointed out to me in the comments that this is a cross-everything
feature that requires support and specifications at kde-core level or level. So here I am trying to make my case...

When I plug in a TV using hdmi, I get the following process:
1) a pop-up asking me if I wish to configure the new hardware situation
(great, I like to know that my computer sees what I just did)
2) the configuration interface is only for the display, but hdmi can
also carry sound.
3) after some fiddling, I configure the hdmi video output, which I think
I can only save as default. (I plug in the TV only when I want to watch
something longish)
4) Next I want to have sound via hdmi, so I need  to open the kmix
window, go to audio setup, select speaker setup
and then select hardware profile.

To me this seems like a long walk for
something that is so useful, how is a user supposed to find this?

What I'd like is a the number 1 popup to ask for, or propose a profile
or preset configuration which sets both video and sound output to hdmi.

When I remove the hdmi cable, I want the profile to switch back to what
it was before I plugged in the hdmi cable. (Currently there seems to be
a bug as well: some parts of the desktop seem to mistakenly remember the
old combined dimensions, e.g. the popup when I want to logout or reboot
using the plasma widget)

I'd like to know your thoughts about this idea, I have no experience in
kde development whatsoever (and no intentions/time to be involved in
implementing this), but I'd love to see this (and this kind of
behaviour) become more user friendly in KDE (or in general).

Cheers and thanks for reading!


quick way to reach and set the hardware profiles easily and switch when
playing a video and back when done (manually, or somehow automatically???)

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