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On Wednesday 17 August 2011 07:11:21 henry7638 at wrote:
> Very interesting, but it appears to assume all the world is linux x86 (these
> days probably x86-64, but the such VMs wouldn't run on any 32 bit machines
> that might be left). Many of our big problems are things that work fine
> there, but months latter someone gets around to doing that config on: ARM,
> PPC, or some more obscure processor; or it doesn't work on xBSD, Microsoft
> Windows, MacOSX, or one of the more obscure OSes we support.

from my original email:
"This approach addresses one specific problem of the entire CI topic [...] 
This does not address testing on different OS/platforms etc., so it's only one 
piece in the puzzle, not the single solution."

It's a deliberately limited but low-cost/low-tech approach for exactly the 
described purpose (testing the huge amount of configuration combinations), 
nothing else.

We of course also want coverage of different hardware architectures and OS, 
but that basically requires individual setups, and each of those requires 
someone to maintain it. If you have access to such systems, running automated 
builds on them is of course a very much appreciated way to contribute to KDE, 
but it's not a one time setup thing as one might think, it requires continuous 
maintenance to keep up with new dependency requirements etc.

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