One Free N900 (Re: Kontact Touch went 2nd place in Contest, one N900 to be given away)

Valentin Rusu Kde at
Fri Aug 12 14:26:29 BST 2011

I want it! I'll implement kwallet and new ksecretsservice tools on it!
Valentin Rusu (valir)
KSecretsService (KWallet replacement)

Bernhard Reiter <bernhard at> wrote:

Anyone that deserves or wants a free N900 from the KDE or KDE PIM community?

Am Montag, 18. Juli 2011 11:45:14 schrieb Bernhard Reiter:
> Kontact Touch - an application build on top of KDE Platform 4 - has won
> the second place in the contest of porting applications to MeeGo!

> The reward for being second place is an N900 smartphone.

> Hey, what about that 'N900' device?
> Who gets it?
> Maybe you!
> We - the mentioned team - want to give this smartphone
> to a person from our fellow community.
> Please send suggestions and applications to
> n900-kontact-touch-2011 at
> until the 8th of August!

We have not gotten any suggestions for people to receive the phone.
So if you had written a simple: I want it, you would have been the one. ;)

Therefore we extend the the deadline until 
and including the 21st of August (UTC).

> We try to decide within a week and shipment will happen then,
> given the device has reached us meanwhile.

And we still do not have it. Of course if Nokia fails to ship it,
we cannot give it away. ;)

> Include why the person you are suggesting - may it be yourself
> or someone else - should get the device.
> Here are some criteria we will use:
> It would be nice to see the device being used,
> Kontact Touch also being used and progressed as much as possible,
> may that be development, promoting, documentation, assisting other people
> or anything else that helps Kontact Touch, its underlying KDE stack
> and our community!
> Best Regards,
> Bernhard

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