Plan to transition to KDE Frameworks

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Sun Aug 7 12:45:12 BST 2011

David Faure wrote:

> On Tuesday 07 June 2011 01:43:44 David Faure wrote:
>> Once the 4.7 branch is created, the plan is to do the following:
>> - application developers can work in master as usual, no change there.
>> - we create a new branch in kdelibs (say, "frameworks") for the work on
>> splitting up kdelibs and reworking dependencies. Initially, this work is
>> based on Qt 4. We don't need Qt 5 to reorganize our own code.
>> - kdelibs in master is frozen. No work going on there.
>>    At most, "merging" the fixes from 4.7 branch.
>>    (No git bikeshedding please, when I say merging it can be either merge
>>    or
>> cherry-pick, I don't care) The idea here is: people who are used to "get
>> everything from master" can keep doing that, without hitting the
>> lib-splitting breakage. But at the same time, we don't really want to
>> apply bugfixes to three branches (4.7, master, frameworks). At least I'm
>> too lazy for that, I think two branches is plenty already. :-) Dividing
>> our efforts is never a good idea. So the kdelibs-master branch would be
>> basically dead (no work going on there, no release from that code), until
>> the frameworks branch is merged into it.
> With a bit of delay, I just started the above plan: I created the
> frameworks branch in kdelibs (from kdelibs master), and I made kdelibs
> master frozen.

Unfortunately I'm not sure this will work.

Looking at the commits in the framework branch so far (gitk frameworks) it 
seems framework is the new master.

People seem to be going to keep working in frameworks as they are used to 
working in master. I'd consider that to be clutter in the frameworks branch, 
which I definitely prefer to contain only commits of restructuring and API 
changes mostly, at least until that effort is well underway and understood.

It might make sense to unfreeze master.

$ git log --pretty=oneline master..
4f0d3e Remove KGlobal::locale warning for pure Qt applications
88836f add missing file
63b8ad Implement locking on non-NFS systems using O_EXCL
ea17ab accept HTTP headers that are not followed by whitespace after the 

We don't know when a release will be released from the frameworks branch. 
These commits look like they shouldn't wait that long though. They should 
maybe be in 4.7 instead?

I think maybe people didn't get the memo that there isn't going to be a KDE 

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