Plan to transition to KDE Frameworks

David Faure faure at
Sat Aug 6 15:52:35 BST 2011

On Saturday 06 August 2011 10:10:16 Michael Pyne wrote:
> If you do use prefix just make sure the path is whereever you want kdelibs 
> (frameworks branch) to be installed.

Sure; the reason I included the line is to encourage people to install 
kdelibs-frameworks in a different prefix than the rest of KDE. Otherwise their 
KDE will break at the first BIC change.
And later on when we port things like kde-runtime, we want to be able to point 
to a prefix that doesn't have the 'old libs'.

Side note: this is where it shows that it's also useful to have the self-
compiled kdelibs dependencies (soprano, dbusmenu, and so on) in a different 
prefix than the rest of KDE (kdesupport_trunk in my example), to be able to use 
them for both master and frameworks :-)

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