Please, return removed Konqueror feature bug (embedded advanced text editor) in KDE 4.6

Josef Spillner spillner at
Tue Apr 19 13:02:11 BST 2011

:: David Faure Dienstag 19 April 2011
> I can see how some users are saying "yes", but a large majority of users
> has been criticizing konqueror for the amount of menus and toolbars, so
> adding editing functionality will just make it look like an even bigger
> beast that only 1% of the existing konqueror users will feel comfortable
> using.

An interesting question would be if the [assumed] 99% remaining users wouldn't 
be better off using Dolphin and Rekonq as rather simple task-oriented 
applications, whereas Konqueror and its parts would gain strength in more 
properly integrating with KIO, thus e.g. providing a new experience in editing 
web pages similar to wikis but independent of the media types.

It could easily be marketed as "web 2.0 done right" - why use Picasa when you 
can just edit your photos in the cloud with the embedded Digikam part?

Well, I guess that's because I belong to the 1% of users who continue to be 
attracted to software projects through their long-term vision rather than 
their current utility ;)


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