Please, return removed Konqueror feature bug (embedded advanced text editor) in KDE 4.6

David Faure faure at
Tue Apr 19 12:36:14 BST 2011

On Saturday 16 April 2011, Dominik Haumann wrote:
> In KDE3 konqueror was never able to edit text with the embedded text view.
> By accident, this was possible in KDE 4.5. In KDE 4.6 we are back to read-
> only-mode in the embedded text part.
> Changing this is rather simple, but the question is whether you want 
> Konqueror to be the app to also "modify everything". That's why it's on
> kcd.

Ah, now I understand what this is about, I didn't know katepart enabled 
editing by mistake in 4.5.

Well, the issue is, Konqueror isn't meant to be an editor.
There's no save button, no warning about unsaved changes when closing the 
window, or when going back in history -- and generally not much room for a ton 
of editing-related menus/toolbars in addition to all the existing 

On one hand I can see the benefit of "editing right there, where we can see the 
text", but if you think about it, in addition to the above list of problems, 
does that mean image manipulation tools should show when viewing an image? And 
HTML editing when viewing an HTML page?
I can see how some users are saying "yes", but a large majority of users has 
been criticizing konqueror for the amount of menus and toolbars, so adding 
editing functionality will just make it look like an even bigger beast that 
only 1% of the existing konqueror users will feel comfortable using.

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