Netherlands Antilles country flags and names in KDE

John Layt johnlayt at
Sun Apr 17 11:28:40 BST 2011

On Saturday 16 Apr 2011 20:32:59 Hans Linkels wrote:
> Hello,
> Since 2010-10-10 the country Netherlands Antilles doesn't exist anymore.
> Instead it became two countries (Curacao and St Martin) and a couple of
> Dutch municipalities which belong to the Netherlands but have their own
> ccTLD (.BQ). Nevertheless they all have there own flag.

> Is there anymore more I can do to help you list these countries in
> future KDE releases? If you have any more questions, please ask.
> jlinkels

Thanks Hans for the heads up, not sure how I missed that :-)

We follow the ISO 3166 Alpha-2 standard for country codes as it saves us 
getting involved in the politics of such matters, and they issued new codes in 
December [1] so we can implement support in the next release of KDE.  We can't 
backport to the previous release as new translations would be required.  
Unfortuately the ISO has made BES a single code so we will have to use that.

The following need new locale files and flags based on the existing AN code:
  CW  Curacao
  SX  Sint Maarten (Dutch Part)
  BQ  Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba

We can only have one flag per code, so for BQ we will have to use the Dutch 
flag [2] (if only we had ISO 3166-2 support!).  The flags need to be png 
format about 21x14 pixels in size.

We will retain the old code of AN for a couple more releases to allow people 
time to switch (I assume we have users in AN? Perhaps the eV could fund me to 
go find out ;-).

Could you please open a bug on under kdelibs/klocale and assign 
to me so I can keep track of it?

You may also want to check KGeography and raise a bug for them if required.  
Don't worry about Marble, they rely on external data sources they can't 




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