Review Request: GUI configuration for the 'Do Not Track' feature...

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at
Sun Apr 17 09:05:58 BST 2011

I didn't mean or say: "don't add the DNT header" (http is bloated anyway)  
and i don't even oppose making it opt-out (the setting, ie. opt-in  
My general feeling is just that this is just some salvation promise and  
Ossi's objection to not make it opt-out since otherwise the DNT won't work  
anymore somehow stresses the "works unless used" character. Yes, checked  
your "DNT gets adopted" link, but we'll see mid-term impact. DNT just  
seems like a "please don't conquer us" shield ;-)

And yes - to fight tracking is a raise of arms - the other option is to  

If ultimately a service makes tracking prerequisite of it's usage it  
becomes some kind of entrance price.
If i desperately want this service i'll pay the price - otherwise the  
service may as in any other case just kiss my shiny ass ;-P


PS: __unam is from

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