Review Request: GUI configuration for the 'Do Not Track' feature...

Thomas Lübking thomas.luebking at
Fri Apr 15 20:26:53 BST 2011

Am 15.04.2011, 21:00 Uhr, schrieb Ingo Klöcker <kloecker at>:

>> that's not a very wise default. if too many people will use it (*),
>> the data miners will just ignore the standard, based on the rightful
>> claim that most people didn't even explicitly say they don't want to
>> be tracked.
> Sorry, but this argumentation is ridiculous. Bad data miners will ignore
> the standard no matter what.

I wonder whether DNT makes any sense at all (or is just a giant fake) and  
it wouldn't be better to tell ppl. how to add sth like

to /etc/hosts (does anybody know who ships the _unam, __csv & __switchTo5x  

Otherwise i guess a cookie filter by cookie name would be faaar more  
powerful than DNT or the domain based cookie.


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