Review Request: fix broken nepomuk ui files to make messages translatable

Burkhard Lück lueck at
Wed Apr 13 15:04:26 BST 2011

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Review request for KDE Runtime and Sebastian Trueg.


Some nepomuk ui files have strings like <string extracomment="@info">some message</string>
xgettext extracts this properly to msgctxt "@info" msgid "some message"
ui compiler generates tr2i18n("some message", 0) -> that does not match xgettext, therefore no translated msg is found

With <string comment="@info">some message</string>
the ui compiler generates tr2i18n("some message", "@info"), that does match xgettext and the translated msg is found and shown


  nepomuk/kcm/nepomukconfigwidget.ui 5652274 
  nepomuk/services/backupsync/gui/backupsettingspage.ui e28a7f5 
  nepomuk/services/backupsync/gui/intropage.ui 1a74630 
  nepomuk/services/backupsync/gui/restoreselection.ui 157c50a 



Tested using locale x-test ('s_l10n_Module), 
messages are translated



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