Review Request: Add missing KAuthorize "hooks" on KFileItemActions

Alex Fiestas alex at
Mon Apr 11 13:22:28 BST 2011

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Review request for kdelibs.


I found 2 places where KAuthorize should be added:
KFileItemActions::addOpenWithActionsTo(QMenu* topMenu, const QString& traderConstraint)

In this method as you can see, the first option is a QMenu pointer where the new "open with" actions will be added. If we don't check in this function if "openwith" is allowed we will end up having "Open with" action (or having to patch all apps :p)

The second place is: 
KFileItemActionsPrivate::slotExecuteService(QAction* act)

This is where the actual action is executed, just for """""security""""" and robustness we should check here too.


  kio/kio/kfileitemactions.cpp 7f7d5c9 





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