cmake for python projects (was: KDE/kdegames)

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang at
Wed Sep 29 00:53:23 BST 2010

On Mittwoch 29 September 2010, Parker Coates wrote:
> I'm neither a packager nor a build system expert, so I might
> be way off here, but could we not satisfy everyone by adding
> a new CMake command (kde4_find_runtime_dependency) to do the
> checking and a corresponding global flag to determine the
> behaviour when deps are missing
> Of course, picking the default value of the flag would be
> another discussion, but from a technical standpoint it
> doesn't seem that difficult to give everyone the behaviour
> they want.

there was already a discussion about this on kde-buildsystem
independent of kajongg:

but the thread ended one month ago without conclusion - the
proposed macro or similar has not been added. Whenever
such a cmake extension will be introduced, that might be an
alternative to README.packagers (which was proposed as a
simple solution in the same thread)


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