KLineEdit regression in branch? tagging tomorrow!

Jacopo De Simoi wilderkde at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 11:30:34 BST 2010

> On Monday, 27. September 2010. 12.10.03 Jacopo De Simoi wrote:
> > Dear Core-devs,
> >   it appears that KLineEdit has a regression in the 4.5, branch; automatic completion
> > appears broken since the completed text is shown in the default color whereas it should be gray 
> > (too bad imagebin.ca is down)
> As far as I see, it is not only KLineEdit (at least in trunk), but there is an issue with all /disabled/ states (I'm guessing that the 
> gray colour in KLineEdit comes from that as well). Disabled buttons and combos look like they are not disabled.

the gray color in KLineEdit completion is a half-hack. Basically we locally change the colors for the selected text
to be white/gray instead of the usual blue/white and then we programmatically select the completed part of the word.

And, yes, I can see too the issue with disabled buttons.
your Qt version? 

> Hope it helps.
> Cheerio,
> Ivan

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