RFC: Moving Okteta from kdeutils to kdesdk

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Mon Sep 20 22:35:06 BST 2010


(cc:ed for emphasize Matt as coordinator of kdesk and Alexander as author of 
Structures tool for Okteta, myself is coordinator of kdeutils, guess Matt and 
Alexander are subscribed to kde-core-devel, so please drop them on reply)

given that Okteta, the hex editor from kdeutils, has turned more and more into 
a developer oriented program, I think it fits even better into the kdesdk 
module. Thus I, being maintainer/author, would like to move it from kdeutils 
to kdesdk as soon as possible. The coordinator of kdeutils also thinks that 
would be a good thing ;)

Do you agree this move is useful? If it is, should it be done before or after 
the conversion of the KDE repo to git?

KDE Okteta - a simple hex editor - http://utils.kde.org/projects/okteta

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