KDE trunk will require Qt 4.7 in 2 weeks

Alex Merry kde at randomguy3.me.uk
Mon Sep 20 18:23:58 BST 2010

Since I imagine that a lot of people won't notice Thiago's response to a long 
thread on k-c-d:

kde-qt will be updated to Qt 4.7 very shortly, most likely tomorrow afternoon, 
European time.

Two weeks from today, KDE trunk will depend on Qt 4.7.  This means that code 
that requires Qt 4.7 can be added to KDE trunk, and building KDE trunk will 
require Qt 4.7 to be installed/available in some form.

If you use kde-qt, just update later this week and you should be fine.

As always, for anything not in the main KDE modules (and potentially even for 
some applications in the main modules), check with the maintainer before 
adding code that requires Qt 4.7.

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