George Kiagiadakis at
Wed Sep 15 16:19:16 BST 2010

On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 5:37 PM, Hugo Pereira Da Costa
<hugo at> wrote:
> Now I noticed that some packagers (Mandriva Cooker at least), made it a
> separate rpm (here: liboxygenstyle4-4.5.67-2mdv2011.0).
> I think its a very bad idea in my opinion, because I made no attempts to keep
> Binary (or even API) compatibility between the two (expecting that the library
> will always be part of kdebase/workspace pacakges, and always be build against
> matching oxygen style and decoration.

Actually, I believe it is correct to split it in a separate package
because if one wishes to split kwin out of the rest of
kdebase-workspace, then this library will either have to be in the
kwin package or the kdebase-workspace package, however, this will
require the one to depend on the other, which is not always the
desired effect.

(Good thing that you mentioned it, though, because I have made the
mistake of not splitting it in debian, which currently causes kwin to
depend on the rest of kdebase-workspace.)

Regarding API/ABI compatibility, as with all the libraries that are
not in kdelibs, you are not required to keep compatibility, but you
are strongly advised to properly bump the soversion of the library
when you make binary incompatible changes, so that we (packagers)
don't have to do it ourselves.


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