Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo at
Wed Sep 15 15:37:04 BST 2010

The library mentionned in the title was introduced for kde4.5 to store the 
code that is common to the oxygen style and the decodation. (while we where 
using svn::external before). I really like the change. 
Now I noticed that some packagers (Mandriva Cooker at least), made it a 
separate rpm (here: liboxygenstyle4-4.5.67-2mdv2011.0). 
I think its a very bad idea in my opinion, because I made no attempts to keep 
Binary (or even API) compatibility between the two (expecting that the library 
will always be part of kdebase/workspace pacakges, and always be build against 
matching oxygen style and decoration. 

Does anyone know how to advertise for _not_ making a different package with 
this part of the code ? Is it the right mailing list to ask ? 

Thanks in advance,


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