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David Hubner hubnerd at
Sun Sep 5 01:45:40 BST 2010

  On 20/08/2010 02:40, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Thursday, August 19, 2010, David Hubner wrote:
>> I have put a new KCM into kdeexamples that is for KInfoCenter to replace
>> the old network interfaces KCM.
> kdeexamples ->  kdereview :)
> looking at the UI there are several things that might be able to be improved
> on. e.g.:
> * when i maxmize the window, the title "Network Interfaces ( Network
> Interfaces )" is given have the vertical space and the tab widget is given the
> other half
> * "Network Interfaces ( Network Interfaces )"<-- why doubled?
> * having the interface on the left and the status on the right with a big
> arrow means that i have to move my eyes from one side of the dialog to the
> other just to get the full picture. any reason why the status information
> isn't included below each item?
> * the beveled grouping inside the tab widget looks very heavy visually: it's a
> frame in a frame in a frame (the interface group in a frame in a tabwidget)
> * how important is it to be able to filter between wired and wireless? (which
> is the reason for the tab widget's existence)
> * is it possible to show the strength of the wifi signal for a given AP?

I am going to move this back into playground as I will not be able to 
make changes to it for a couple of weeks. My KDE Todo list is huge and I 
have just started a new job :)

I shall put it back in KDEReview once I have made changes, should be 3-4 

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