why kdelibs?

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Oct 31 23:14:52 GMT 2010

A Diumenge, 31 d'octubre de 2010, Cornelius Schumacher va escriure:
> On Sunday 31 October 2010 Juan Carlos Torres wrote:
> > So basically, what would convince 3rd party developers
> > (Qt developers, Windows developers, iOS/Android developers)
> > to write KDE apps? Better yet, what would now constitute being
> > a "KDE app"? Platform integration and consistency? Only on
> > desktops/netbooks perhaps. On mobile, we'd have to follow
> > *their* (Maemo, MeeGo, WM) platform. Why not just call the app
> > a Qt app then? Again, this is from an interested 3rd party
> > developer POV. Established KDE SC apps would most
> > probably keep the same brand.
> Specific KDE apps would be those who are written by the KDE community.
> That's where KDE has been moving anyway. The brand is more about the
> community and less about libraries.
> > True that KDE is much more than the libraries. But aren't those
> > libraries also an important part of what makes KDE? I mean, if
> > developers decided to make KDE apps, isn't it sometimes
> > because KDE libraries rock?
> Exactly. So if these rocking libraries are part of Qt and so available to
> every single Qt developer, they can easily become part of KDE as well.
> Something which is quite a barrier today.

You are joking, right? Are you really saying becoming part of KDE is 
difficult? Last i checked we gave accounts almost if they came for free with a 
cereal box.


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